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Faculty & Staff

Area Directors

BA Theatre –Eero Laine
BA and BFA Design & Technology – Dyan Burlingame
BA and BFA Dance – Jeanne Fornarola
BFA Music Theatre – Nathan R. Matthews
BFA Theatre Performance – Nathan R. Matthews
Graduate Studies – Anne Burnidge


Jeanne Fornarola, Director of Dance
Clinical Associate Professor, Ballet and Dance History
Melanie Aceto, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor, Modern and Choreography
Elyssa E. Bourke, Lecturer; Kinesiology & Anatomy
Anne Burnidge, Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Chair of Theatre & Dance
Associate Professor, Modern and Laban Movement Analysis
Kathleen Golde, Adjunct Instructor; Movement
Tressa Gorman Crehan Clinical Assistant Professor, Modern and Choreography
Shelley Hain, Lecturer; Modern and Jazz
Michael Lambert, Adjunct Instructor;Partnering
Jon Lehrer, Adjunct Instructor; Modern and Jazz
Joyce Miller Lichtenberger, Lecturer; Tap and Jazz
Kevin McFadden, Dance Accompanist
Tracy Navarro, Lecturer; Jazz and Music Theatre
Ariel Nereson, Assistant Professor of Dance Studies
Thomas Ralabate, Artistic Director Zodiaque Dance Company
Professor, Jazz, Tap, and Ballroom/Social Dance
Kerry Ring, Clinical Assistant Professor; Ballet and Modern

Design & Technology

Lynne Koscielniak, Chair of Theatre & Dance
Associate Professor; Scenography
Dyan Burlingame, Director of Design & Technology
Clinical Assistant Professor; Design & Technology
Thomas Burke, Assistant Technical Director; Technical Theatre
Chantal Calato, Visiting Assistant Professor; Design & Technology
Erich Frank, Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Technical Director; Technical Theatre
Michael Formato, Production Manager
Melinda Lamoreux, Clinical Assistant Professor; Stage Management
Donna Massimo, Costume Shop Manager
Catherine Norgren, Professor; Associate Dean; Costume Design
Jonathan Shimon, Assistant Professor; Design & Technology

Music Theatre

Nathan R. Matthews , Director of Music Theatre; Director of Theatre Performance;
Associate Professor, Music Director
Alison d’Amato, Lecturer, Music Theatre
Keith Ersing, Adjunct Instructor; Voice
Tracy Navarro, Lecturer; Jazz and Music Theatre


Kazimierz Braun, Professor Emeritus
Lindsay Brandon Hunter, Assistant Professor; Performance Studies, Acting, and Digital Media
Robert Knopf Professor; Directing, Acting, and Criticism
Eero Laine, Director of Theatre Studies; Visiting Assistant Professor
Saul Elkin, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus

Theatre Performance

Nathan R. Matthews, Director of Theatre Performance
Associate Professor, Music Director
Jerry Finnegan, Associate Professor; Acting
Kathleen Golde, Adjunct Instructor; Movement
Maria S. Horne, Associate Professor; Acting and Literature
Stephen McKinley Henderson, Professor Emeritus
Gregory Natale, Lecturer, Acting
Vincent O’Neill, Associate Professor; Acting and Mime


Karen Cleary, Assistant to the Chair, Resource Manager
Katie Mallinson, Academic Manager
Cindy Guido, Administrative Assistant