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Greg Natale Directs The Seedbed at Irish Classical Theatre Company

Theatre & Dance Lecturer Greg Natale is currently directing Bryan Delaney’s new play, The Seedbed, at the Irish Classical Theatre Company.

The play revolves around a married couple, Thomas and Hannah, welcoming their 18-year-old daughter Maggie back home after six months in Holland. When Maggie arrives, however, she’s brought a new boyfriend, Mick, a middle-aged man who may very well be older than Thomas. This is, of course, where troubles begin to sprout. What then emerges is a complicated family saga, a classic drama with some witty moments exchanged between three deeply flawed characters and one good guy trying to see his way through a morass of family subterfuge.

The NY Theatre Guide review of The Seedbed praise the production as being extra special. Natale’s direction is also commended as expert, and in perfect balance.

The Seedbed runs until April 2, 2017 at the Irish Classical Theatre Company in Buffalo.