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Now Accepting MA and PhD Applications

UB offers two competitive graduate programs in Theatre & Performance: a one-year MA program and our PhD program. These programs are based on the integration of scholarship and practice.

Our graduate programs are designed to foster scholar-artists who are eager to explore graduate level work in both scholarship, and performance practice. Working closely with faculty in a small cohort, graduate students develop their individual research by combining history, criticism, and theory with lab-based projects that explore research questions in performance. Our intentionally small class sizes allow for close mentorship in research, writing, and production.

Unique to our program is the Graduate Studio, the artistic and experimental through-line of the program. Offered once a year in the spring, Studio students explore their research and creative interests in a laboratory setting. Graduate Studio enables students to test their ideas in focused projects intended to blend theory and practice.


We are now accepting MA and PhD applications for Fall 2017.

MA Applications – Review beings February 1, 2017

PhD Applications – Review beings January 15, 2017.
PhD students wishing to be considered for additional competitive funding from the university should submit their applications by December 1, 2016.


Graduate Faculty:

Anne Burnidge – Director of Graduate Studies

Lindsay Brandon-Hunter – Assistant Professor, Performance Studies, Acting, and Digital Media

Eero Laine – Director of Theatre Studies (BA), Theatre History and Cultural Studies 

Ariel Nereson – Assistant Professor, Dance Studies  

Catherine Norgren – Professor, Costume Design 

In addition to those listed above, in fall 2017, we will welcome Meredith Conti as an Assistant Professor of Theatre.  Dr. Conti holds a PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, an MA in Theatre History and Performance Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Denison University.

For more Information on UB’s Theatre & Performance graduate programs, please contact: Katie Mallinson, Graduate Studies Assistant