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Dance MFA


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The Department of Theatre & Dance at the University at Buffalo seeks dance artists with diverse interests and backgrounds to apply for our new practice-based, creative research-oriented MFA program. Students will focus on embodied inquiry through choreographic creation and performance while engaging with a comprehensive core curriculum of practice and theory courses that emphasize the development of the whole artist—body and mind. With close faculty mentorship and numerous opportunities to create and present work, students will cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to become the next generation of innovative dance makers, leaders, teaching-artists, and artist-scholars.

The three-year, 60 credit hour program welcomes students from various backgrounds ranging from recent BA/BFA graduates to returning professionals wishing to deeply engage with the dance-making process. Each student is encouraged to integrate her unique interests into innovative ways of seeing, thinking about, communicating and being in the world through dance. Students take advantage of the dynamic range of robust curricular offerings at UB by devising an individualized secondary emphasis, such as new media, embodiment, queer studies, visual studies, cognitive science, affect studies, somatics, ethnography, history, geography, architecture, robotics among many other areas of inquiry. By following a personalized sequence of study, together with their core courses, students create a research path that fits their interests, culminating in an MFA creative thesis project.

UB Dance is a hub for interdisciplinary work on campus. Students gain literacy in dance and related technologies through curriculum and collaborative opportunities that engage musicians, designers, new media artists, and researchers in the digital humanities and STEM fields. Yearly production opportunities, including Dance and Digital Poetry, Open CFA, Zodiaque Dance, and Emerging Choreographers Showcase, provide venues for collaborative exploration and performance. The University at Buffalo is also home to the TECHNE Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, the Humanities Institute and the PLASMA speakers series which offer numerous opportunities for students to interact with and learn from world-renowned artists and scholars across artistic disciplines.

Photo courtesy of Jim Bush