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In its inaugural season, ChoreoLab is a performance and choreographic research laboratory dedicated to supporting diverse artists, their creative process and their role within society and culture. Built on a shared value of educational knowledge and professional experiences, ChoreoLab seeks to develop intelligent, resourceful working artists that embody a rigorous investigation in dance making, performance and physical practice.

ChoreoLab reflects contemporary trends in dance making while honoring the rich 20-year history of Zodiaque Dance Ensemble at UB. ChoreoLab is UB’s creative research lab for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and guest artists to explore choreographic innovation, interdisciplinary, and project-based approaches to developing performance. Alongside Zodiaque Dance Company, ChoreoLab will provide versatile training and performance opportunities to UB students and reflect the current dance landscape. (Lynne M. Koscielniak, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance)

ChoreoLab has expand the choreographic opportunities to include both Black Box Theatre and Gallery rendering. The Black Box Theatre will be designed to fit the needs of the selected choreographers and the Gallery performances will be a preshow exhibition performed in an alternate space (i.e. studio, UB gallery museum and/or CFA halls).

The inaugural concert will take place at the Center for the Arts’ Black Box Theatre on April 12 – 14, 2019 (with two shows on Saturday).  This year’s title and theme for concert is POWER: the preservation of order. The concert will consider how power impacts agency and order.