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Degree Requirements: BFA, Theatre Performance Concentration

Degree Requirements can also be found here.

Acceptance Criteria

Audition and acceptance into the University
Minimum GPA of 2.0 overall
Minimum grade of C+ in all required courses
Minimum GPA of 2.5 in prerequisite courses
Letter of intent
Interview with program director at the end of the first year

Prerequisite Courses

TH 101 Introduction to Theatre
TH 106 Introduction to Technical Theatre
TH 108 Basic Acting I
TH 109 Basic Acting II
TH 135 or TH 136 Practicum
TH 203 Visual Imagination

Required Courses

MTR 220 Beginning Musical Theatre Dance
TH 208 Method Acting I
TH 209 Method Acting II
TH 227 Voice Training I
TH 228 Voice Training II
TH 301 Theatre History 1
TH 302 Theatre History 2
TH 308 Poetic Text
TH 309 Mime/Movement for Actors
TH 401 Directing 1
TH 408 Audition Techniques
TH 409 Acting in Shakespeare
THD 213 Ballet 1
THD 263 Jazz 1
THD 381 Social Dance
One design course (choose from TH 303 Scene Design I, TH 306 Costume Design I, or TH 332 Lighting Design I)
Three 200/300-level TH practicums
Two dramatic literature courses
Three studio-performance courses
Choose TWO performance-based courses from the following:
TH 411, 412, 413, 414 Theatre Workshop
TH 420 Intro to Lloyd Richards
TH 427 Voice & Movement
TH 460 Asian Performing Arts
TH 478 Arthur Miller
TH 480 Shakespeare On Stage
TH 481 Irish Dramatists
TH 482 Chekhov
TH 483 IbsenUndergraduate Credit Requirements Chart

Credits Required for Major 86
Additional Credits Required for Gen Ed 31
Additional Credits Required for Electives 3
Total Credits Required for Degree 120

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for general education and remaining university requirements.

Recommended Sequence of Program Requirements & Learning Outcomes

Placement in performance courses is based on auditions.
Performance is an option each semester.
Fall TH 101, TH 108, TH 106 and TH 135, THD 213, THD 263, ENG 101 or 102, Language, UBE 101 or equivalent, Library Skills Workbook requirement
Spring TH 109, TH 203, one 200/300-level TH practicum, ENG 201 or Humanities, MathSECOND YEAR
Fall TH 208, TH 227, TH 301, one 200/300-level TH practicum, TH 303 or 332*, Studio Performance, UGC 111
Spring TH 209, TH 228, TH 302, one 200/300-level TH practicum, TH 306*, UGC 112THIRD YEAR
Fall MTR 220, TH 308, Dramatic Literature course**; one TH or THD elective, Studio Performance, American Pluralism
Spring TH 309, TH 409, Dramatic Literature**, one TH or THD elective; Studio Performance, DepthFOURTH YEAR
Fall TH 408, Studio Performance, 400 level performance-based courses, Natural Science 1
Spring Studio Performance, 400 level performance-based courses, Natural Science 2, Social Science, two free electives* TH 303 or 332 if taken in fall or 306 if taken in spring (only one is required)
** One or both of these may be taken in the fourth year.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge to:

  • Achieve a visceral as well as theoretical comprehension of the technical, academic and creative skill-sets requisite to securing employment at the beginning levels of the acting profession, and acceptance into recognized MFA graduate programs
  • Employ their experience in the creative research laboratory process to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the application of practical skills to conceptual theatrical phenomena
  • Collaborate successfully in the creation of innovative and interdisciplinary projects and experimental initiatives
  • Assimilate a broad knowledge of the history, and development of contemporary methodologies of acting and performance techniques
  • Utilize problem-solving skills and apply critical thinking in the exploration of analytical and experiential solutions to problems and challenges in Theatre Performance

Electives and Course Groupings

Dramatic Literature Courses

TH 201 Script Analysis
TH 220 Performing America
TH 314 Introduction to Dramaturgy
TH 315 Modern Theatre I
TH 316 Modern Theatre II
TH 325 Performance and the Critic II
TH 370 Age of Shakespeare
TH 425 Media and Performance
TH 466 Women in Theatre
TH 468 Sources of Modern Theatre
TH 482TH 489 Major Figures


TH 402 Directing 2
TH 485 Playwriting Workshop
THD 214 Ballet 2
THD 264 Jazz Dance 2