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Theatre BA/BFA, Design & Technology Concentration

Design & Technology are essential elements in creating theatre. At the University at Buffalo we are as proud of our process as we are proud of our productions. In the classroom you learn to recognize your inspiration, analyze it, connect it to the script, and communicate your vision. In the Center for the Arts you work with professionals to realize those ideas, through the execution of the production process. Student designers, technicians and stage managers work side by side with faculty directors and designers, and with the CFA staff. We are proud of our program’s ability to provide students with challenging and sophisticated opportunities to learn in the classroom and apply that learning through the actual process of designing and building departmental productions in a variety of venues. Many of our students have received national recognition for their design work in this program and many have been awarded full scholarships to go on to prestigious graduate school design, technology and management programs.

The BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Theatre degree with a Design & Technology Concentration is for students committed to design & technology education but also seek to broaden their education by pursuing areas of study available in other academic departments. Students within the concentration may take all design & technology course offerings and are eligible for all departmental production assignments.

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Theatre degree with a Design & Technology concentration is for students interested in developing specific skills and who are willing to commit to structured, intensive, studio-based training. Students considering the BFA program must apply for admission and retain their places through periodic evaluations and reviews by faculty members. Students are admitted to the program based on a letter of intent, resume, and portfolio. Regularized mentorship prepares the student for graduate study or a professional career.

The Theatre Minor at UB offers study in a broad range of theatrical disciplines covering the artistic, literary, historical, and technical aspects of theatre and performance. Minors take a core curriculum in the fundamentals of theatre, and then choose from a wide variety of courses in their specific areas of interest, including acting, directing, dramaturgy, stage management, theatre studies, or design & technology. Theatre minors can take advantage of performance opportunities as well as design and production work alongside our majors. A Theatre minor is an excellent way for students to complement their major study with essential skills of writing, technology, presentation, and critical thinking vital to professional success in the 21st century.

 Degree Requirements

Some courses offered in the Design/Technology program require course fees. Details for course fees can found within each course description.

Contact:  Dyan Burlingame, Director of Design and Technology